Modern Baby Shower Games

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Modern baby shower games are fun activities that make a baby shower special. They keep guests entertained and stave off boredom. Each game is perfect for women, men and co-ed groups. For planning a stylish party you’ve come to the perfect place for great ideas!


Five women at a baby shower socializing and playing games near a dessert table.


  • This modern baby shower resource will help you plan a fun, tasteful, memorable event that won’t break the bank.
  • Each modern baby shower game is easy to plan, and simple to implement on the day of the big event.
  • These co-ed baby shower games are ideal for all genders.
  • With each baby shower game I’ve included a helpful money-saving tip. Because the cost of throwing a beautiful baby shower can add up fast!
  • No lackluster activities made the cut! You won’t find cringe-worthy baby shower games like hopping across the room with a potato between your knees to dump it in a bucket. There are also no old-fashioned games like pin the tail on the bunny or musical chairs.
  • All games on this page are modern baby shower games that are super engaging. They’re activities your guests will actually enjoy playing.
Card Wording: Baby Shower Diaper Raffle. The top of the card shows a watercolor image of a baby lion's friendly face, pastel blue and pink hearts, 3 baby diapers, and a stacking toy.

baby diaper raffle

What You’ll Need

This co-ed baby shower game can be used for either a baby diaper raffle or baby book raffle. Everyone loves scratch offs. It’s simple, elegant and fun.

  • Giant basket or large deep bin
  • Small folding table
  • Changeable letter board or sign
  • Scratch-off raffle tickets
  • Prize for the winner

MODERN BABY SHOWER TIP: In the baby shower invite, describe the raffle gifts that can be won to entice a large number of guests to participate.

How to Play

  1. When sending out the baby shower invites, indicate that there will be a baby diaper raffle. In addition to the baby shower gift, whoever brings a pack of diapers will be entered into the raffle (given a scratch-off ticket).
  2. Set up a small table near the entrance to the baby shower. Put a large basket or deep bin next to the table. On the letter board, state “Baby Shower Raffle Here”. Have a hostess man the table and distribute raffle tickets to participants as they drop off the packages.
  3. After all the guests have arrived, ask raffle participants to scratch off their tickets and reveal the winners.

MONEY-SAVING TIPS: Use a giant bin or basket you already own. The same for the table. If you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend or neighbor. If you don’t have scratch-off cards, no problem. Make your own raffle tickets.

Blonde mother-to-be holding her tummy for measure the tummy baby shower game.

Measure the Tummy Game

What You’ll Need

  • Flexible tape measures
  • Sharpie permanent markers
  • Baby shower prize for the winner!

How to Play:

  1. Pass out 1 flexible tape measure to each baby shower guest. Have Sharpie markers on hand for guests to use.
  2. Instruct players to guess the length that will fit perfectly around the tummy of the mother-to-be. Let everyone know they have only ONE opportunity to mark their measuring tape. Tape measures with multiple marks will be disqualified.
  3. Measure the tummy of the mommy-to-be. Announce the measurement to the baby shower guests. The person with the mark closest to the actual measurement wins the Measure the Tummy Game!

MONEY-SAVING TIPS: Use the colored markers for an additional baby shower activity, like decorating (white/plain) baby onesies. If you don’t have measuring tapes, guests can pull and cut pieces from a ball of string. In this instance you’ll also need a few pairs of scissors.

Hard Stock Card Image: Baby Shower Sock Game.

Baby Sock Matching Game

What You’ll Need

  • 14 pairs baby socks in different styles and colors
  • 6 individual baby socks that don’t have a match!
  • 1 small container that looks like a miniature laundry basket
  • 1-minute sand timer (or kitchen timer)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Baby shower prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. Separate all sock pairs. Mix them up in a big pile. Place the pile of unmatched socks into the mini laundry basket.
  2. Each baby shower guest takes a turn matching up as many baby socks as possible during a one-minute time frame. As socks are being matched up, guests should fold over the top portion of the socks so that each pair of socks is joined together.
  3. Record each person’s time. The baby shower guest with the most matched socks wins!

💵 MONEY-SAVING TIPS: At the end of the game, connect the pairs of socks together and add them to a gift bag. Use them as part of your baby shower gift. If you purchase a bundle of notebooks/pens from Amazon, use the extra items as prizes. If time allows, buy the notebook and pen at a dollar store.

Hard Stock Card: Baby Shower Diaper Pin Game. A white card with watercolor pink balloons, brown teddy bear, and pastel colored diaper pins.

Diaper Pin Game

What You’ll Need

  • Large plastic bowl
  • Large package of dry rice
  • Pack of cloth diaper pins
  • Pack of silver safety pins
  • Blindfold
  • 1-minute sand timer (or kitchen timer)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Baby shower prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. Pour rice into the bowl. Add diaper pins and half a pack of silver safety pins. The smaller the pins, the more challenging the game. Mix well.
  2. Blindfold the baby shower guest. Ask them to find as many diaper pins as possible within a one-minute time frame. On a notepad, record the number of diaper pins found.
  3. A large diaper pin is worth 1 point. A small safety pin is worth 5 points. The person with the highest number of points is the winner!

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Use a timer from a board game you already own. Use a bowl, notebook and pen you have at home. After the game, gift the baby diaper pins to the guest of honor along with a stack of cloth diapers.

Hard Stock Card: Baby Shower Pacifier Games. The pastel hand-drawn image shows a white-and-blue hot air balloon piloted by a brown teddy bear. The sky is pastel blue with fluffy clouds.

Baby Pacifier Game

Things needed for this modern baby shower game:

  • Pack(s) of baby pacifier necklaces
  • Adhesive stickers – any shape, but large enough to write on
  • Piece of paper and pen
  • Scissors
  • Camping mug, cup or small bowl
  • 3 baby shower prizes for winners!

How to Prepare the Game Pieces

  1. On the piece of paper write a list of common baby shower words. Examples: Baby, toy, gift, game, punch, cake, rattle, smile, diaper, girl, boy, pink, blue, pacifier, onesie, blanket, bottle, etc.
  2. Now write each of these words on the adhesive stickers – one word per sticker. Each word should only cover half the sticker so when the sticker is folded in half the word can be easily read.
  3. Adhere one sticker to each baby pacifier necklace. Fold the sticker in half over the cord of the necklace (close to the baby pacifier piece) so the word is clearly visible on one side of the sticker.
  4. With scissors, cut out the baby shower words from the original piece of paper. They’re like lottery numbers. Each of these words matches up with a word written on a sticker. Fold up the pieces of paper and put them in a cup. Toss and mix.

How to Play the Game

  1. As guests arrive to the baby shower, hand each a pacifier necklace. In order to participate in the game, they must wear it the whole time.
  2. Every 30 minutes, pick ONE word from the cup and announce it out loud. Everyone checks their pacifier necklace to see who has the match. The baby shower guest with the same matching word is the winner!
  3. Do this 3 times during the baby shower, for a total of 3 winners.

👀 MONEY-SAVING TIP: Other than pacifier necklaces, you may already have most other items needed for this game on hand. Just look around your home or office and gather the items together.

Baby Shower Game Card: Baby Price Is Right.


What You’ll Need

  • Baby shower game cards
  • Pens for guests
  • Baby shower product samples
  • Kitchen timer (or 1-minute sand timer)
  • Large tray
  • Baby shower prize for the winner!

How to Prepare for the Game 

  • Purchase the 10 items listed on the Baby Price is Right game cards. Items include diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, diaper cream, pacifier, baby bottle, jar of baby food, baby wash, onesie, receiving blanket.
  • Save your receipt so you know the exact price for each item. In fact, take a screenshot of the receipt on your phone as a back-up.
  • Arrange the baby items on a large tray. You can use a baking sheet, a low-edged handled basket, or the rectangular insert pan from an industrial-sized chafing dish.

How to Play

  1. Place the tray of baby items in a central area where all guests can see it. Allow 10 minutes for the guests to walk up and view the items.
  2. Distribute a game card to each baby shower guest. Let everyone know, NO PHONES ALLOWED for checking prices.
  3. Allow 1 minute for guests to fill out their sheets. The baby shower guest whose items all add up to the correct amount without sales tax, or the person who comes the closest to the correct amount wins!

👛 Money-saving baby shower tip: Skip the tray of baby items for display. Instead, just price out the items at a well-known store like Target.

Pastel pink hard-stock card: Image of baby bear wearing a crown snuggled in a pink blanket. She's floating among white clouds, held up by 2 pink heart balloons.


What You’ll Need

  • Emoji game sheets
  • Ink pens
  • Kitchen timer
  • Prize for the winner(s)

How to Play

Both women and men will love this co-ed baby shower game.

  • Determine how long you’d like to give guests to fill out the cards. I recommend 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the longer people have to work out the emojis, the more “winners” there will be.
  • Keep the answer key hidden. Pass out game cards and pens to everyone present. Have everyone keep their cards facing down until you announce that the game has begun. This will ensure everyone has the same amount of time to work out the emojis.
  • Let everyone know NO PHONES ALLOWED for looking things up!
  • If multiple winners, break the tie by having guests sign or initial their winning playing cards. Shuffle the winning cards. Then fan them out in front of the guest of honor and let them pick a winner at random.

MONEY-SAVING TIP: This is one of the most inexpensive baby shower games to set up and play. A pack of 25 game cards is roughly $15 USD. Gather ink pens you have at home. Buy any extras needed at the dollar store.

Hard stock card reads: Baby Shower Prizes. Pastel-colored drawing of blue sky, pink and white clouds, white heart stars in the sky and a golden crescent moon.


Purchasing prizes for games can get costly. Plan on at least 6 to 8 baby shower game prizes. For co-ed baby showers, choose gender-neutral prizes. For diaper or book raffles, the prizes should be nicer than the others.

Here are some great prize ideas that won’t break the bank.

  • Bath and Body Works hand soap
  • Bath and Body Works hand lotion
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Ice cream shop gift card
  • Set of ramekins
  • Flour sack towels with pie server
  • Recipe tin with recipe cards
  • Mason jar with chocolate truffles
  • Pink bottle of bubbly with note “She’s about to pop!”
  • Small succulents
Hard Stock Card Wording: Thank you for the gift. The card is hand drawn with puffy blue pastel clouds in the sky with golden stars and a crescent moon. Below is a bunny with a telescope looking into a brown baby buggy.

ANOTHER HELPFUL Baby Shower Resource

After the presents have been opened and the guests all leave, there is still one more very important task for the mother-to-be. Writing thank you notes for the gifts. These should be sent snail mail to everyone who attended the shower in person, and to those who could not attend but sent a gift.

👉🏻 For your modern baby shower, find professionally-written thank you card wording examples here: Baby Shower Thank You Notes.

Gold Line: Sprinkles of Inspiration |

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What is your favorite co-ed baby shower game? Do you have another fun party activity that you’d like to share? How about affordable prizes for baby shower games? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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    1. Yay!!! Andy, I’m so happy you enjoyed those fun baby shower games! Thank you for sharing that with me. Congratulations to the new parents! Savoring and celebrating all the precious moments of childhood is so incredibly important. It’s those special memories that warm our hearts, make us smile, and allow us to welcome the new chapters of life with open arms!

  1. Wow, great ideas for baby shower games! I organized a shower for a friend a few years ago and I really struggled to figure out what to do with guests : ) I’m organizing another one for a friend this fall, and I have pinned your post for future reference. Love the pins and rice game and the pacifier games!

    1. Thanks so much, Matt for stopping by! And thank you for recommending this post to your new sister-in-law. :-)

  2. I’d never heard of the diaper pin game. I bet that gets a lot of laughs! I’m waiting (im)patiently to play shower games for my oldest daughter. She is not at all impatient for babies so I don’t think it will be soon, but I’m bookmarking this so that we have it when the time comes.

    1. Robin, thanks so much for bookmarking this site! In the near future I will be adding more helpful tips for hosting baby showers.

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    1. Yay! Cara, I’m so glad you found this post to be a great resource for future baby showers. More helpful baby shower posts will be coming soon…

  4. I love this! Such fun games and great for parties with the girls. I wish I was going to need this this year. I had a miscarriage, but I’m hoping that we can try again soon so we can use these fun games. I also have a few cousins and great friends who are pregnant and would love these. Definitely saving for later!

    1. Hi Meagan! I’m sure your baby dream will be coming soon. Just keep the faith, stay positive and relaxed. I was in your same situation years ago, but I now have two gorgeous daughters.

  5. Great list! We are always having baby showers in our group of family and friends. Also really like your “print friendly” button. Pinning this one!!

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