Baby Shower Greeting Card Wording

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Baby Shower Greeting Card

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Baby Shower Greeting Card Wording

Celebrate the new arrival with these special baby shower greetings. Turn that blank baby shower greeting card into a precious memento of the day for the mom-to-be. Unlike other greeting cards that are enjoyed for a week and then discarded, most new moms save each and every card from their baby shower. These lovely cards are often used to fill the first pages of a keepsake baby book or album. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to select just the right words for your card. Create a more unique baby shower message by personalizing your favorite entry by adding in a few short sentiments of your own.

Baby Shower Greeting Card – Bundle of Joy

We celebrate this joyous day. A bundle of joy is on its way! We wish you and your growing family much happiness.

Baby Shower Greeting – Incredible Blessing

A baby is such an incredible blessing from up above. He/she will fill your heart and home with love. Congratulations!

Baby Shower Greeting – A Million Kisses

This special gift for baby _________ is filled with a million kisses and lots of love. Congratulations on the beautiful little blessing entering your lives.

Baby Shower Greeting – Wrapped In Love

Babies are sent from Heaven above, blessed by God and wrapped in love. May your home always be filled with such happiness and joy!

Baby Shower Greeting – Happy Days Ahead

A baby shower gift to help you prepare for the happy days ahead. We share your joy in welcoming the little someone new!

Baby Shower Greeting – Baby Decor

It’s so exciting! Soon your lovely home will be filled with lots of baby decor, and the sound of tiny feet pitter-pattering across the floor. Congratulations! We wish you and your baby ever happiness.

Welcome Baby Bib PrintableBaby Shower Greeting – Beautiful Babe

We can hardly contain our excitement! A new and beautiful babe is on its way. Congratulations!

Baby Shower Greeting – We’re So Delighted

Welcome Baby _______,

We’re so delighted that you’ll soon be here! What a blessing from Heaven above. Our arms are waiting to cradle you. Our hearts are ready to shower you with love. xoxo

Baby Shower Greeting – Tiny One

There’s no keeping our joy for you at bay. Your tiny one is on its way! Warmest wishes to you and your baby!

Baby Shower Greeting – The Wonderful Event

The wonderful event is almost here! You’re brimming with light from ear to ear. Congratulations! Best wishes to the happy family.

Baby Shower Greeting – Precious Bundle

It’s a baby shower celebration! We hope this gift will come in handy during the busy days ahead. Many kisses to you and your precious bundle of love!

Baby Shower Greeting – Baby Giggles

Sweet bright eyes, and baby giggles. Bonnets and blankets, and tiny wiggles. Many wishes for a lifetime filled with the splendid joys of motherhood. Congratulations!

Baby Shower Greeting – Hip, Hip Hurray!

Hip, hip hurray! A precious babe is on its way! There will be booties and bottles…diapers, rattles and swaddles. Congratulations! We look forward to the big event.

Baby Shower Greeting – Button Nose

10 little fingers, and 10 wiggly toes. Tiny red lips and a button nose! With great joy we celebrate the arrival of your new baby boy/girl.

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