Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Baby Shower Present

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Baby Shower Present

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording Examples by

Baby Shower Thank You Wording – Favorite Baby Shower Gift

Dear _______________,

When it comes to thoughtfulness, you’re always on top! Thank you so much for such adorable baby shower gifts. The little newborn outfits are so precious, and the cozy plush blanket is perfect for the upcoming winter weather. But my favorite shower gift of all is the little green sweater hand-knitted with love. It’s beyond generous. I can say with certainty that when the baby wears the sweater all the other babies and mommies will be jealous! Thank you also for picking up Auntie Betty and bringing her to the baby shower. Without your help she would not have been able to attend the party. You’re the best!


– (Your Name Here)

Baby Shower Thank You Wording  – Baby Shower Thanks

Dear _______________,

You are completely amazing! Thank you for coming to my baby shower and also bringing Cousin Rose. I was so thrilled that you were finally able meet some of my dearest and closest friends. They each have a super sunshiny personality just like you, so I knew you’d absolutely love them. And thank you so much for the adorable baby bunny bibs and receiving blankets. The sweet hand-embroidered details are so darn precious!

Thank you again for everything.

– (Your Name Here)

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording – Thank You for the Gift

Dear _______________,

Adorable doesn’t come close to describing your baby shower gifts! Straight from the hospital my little one will be outfitted in style. The two designer baby outfits, each complete with tiny hat and booties, were so incredibly thoughtful. And the soft white sweater with lovely pink and yellow details was another fabulous gift! My baby girl has been lavished with so much love. Thank you for attending my baby shower, and thank you for all of those very special baby shower gifts.

Love and hugs.

– (Your Name Here)

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording – Lovely Baby Gift

Dear _______________,

It was so sweet of you to come to my baby shower. Thank you so much for the adorable baby shower gift. I absolutely love the precious crochet baby blanket that you made for my little one! That was so kind of you to take the time to make such a lovely handmade gift. The soft white, pink and blue colors are perfect! My heart is filled with so much joy knowing that both I and my baby girl are surrounded by such a wonderful and supportive group of women.

Many hugs,

– (Your Name Here)

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Baby Shower Thank You Card – Best Baby Shower Gift

Dear ______________,

You are completely amazing! You have a special knack for knowing exactly what makes a perfect gift for every occasion. I absolutely love the sophisticated baby food machine! Once my baby can start eating soft foods, this is something that I’ll be using several times a week. It will be so wonderful to have the ability to make fresh, healthy meals for the baby with organic ingredients that I’ve hand selected. This is truly the best baby shower gift I’ve received. Thank you for attending my baby shower and for lavishing me with such a thoughtful, generous baby shower gift.

Many hugs and kisses,

– (Your Name Here)

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  1. Where were you a year ago when I was swamped with baby thank you’s? LOL. This is really good stuff and super helpful!