Travel Like a Pro: Best Travel Accessories Ever

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Travel Like a Pro: Best Travel Accessories Ever

Travel Like a Pro: Best Travel Accessories Ever

As international travel bloggers for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, my husband and I have learned through experience what items to pack and what to leave at home. Today we’re sharing with you our personal travel secrets, including essential tech gadgets we keep in our travel pouch. Now you too can travel like a pro with the best travel accessories ever! We hope you’ll find these tips helpful as you prepare for your next travel adventure. Buen viaje!

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Best Travel Accessories #1: Suitcases

Set of stylish suitcases that are sturdy, light-weight, expandable and have spinner wheels. Make travel easy by selecting a color that will readily stand out amid the endless sea of black suitcases on the baggage carousel.

Best Travel Accessories #2: Organizational Packing Cubes

These space-saving bags allow you to fit more items into your luggage by packing clothing more compactly. They prevent items from shifting around during transport and help keep clothing wrinkle free. Unpacking is a breeze when clothing is more organized. Use them to pack individual outfits, and to separate dirty laundry from fresh clothes. Create a more organized travel experience with packing cubes.

Best Travel Accessories #3: Backpack

Select a sturdy backpack with organizational pockets that can double as a laptop bag and purse. Store important carry-on travel items inside your backpack. As an international travel blogger, this is what’s inside my backpack: one extra pair of light-weight clothing and shoes (in the event my luggage is lost), swimsuit, make-up pouch, Baggalini purse, camera, laptop, iPhone, notebook, pen, small tech pouch.

Best Travel Accessories #4: Digital Luggage Scale

This is an absolute must-have travel item! It’s lightweight, accurate, and displays both lbs and kg. From our experience, this digital luggage scale matches airport check-in luggage scales within +/- .2 pounds. Eliminate unpleasant overweight-luggage surprises when checking in luggage at the airport.

Best Travel Accessories #5: Baggallini Purse

This is the ultimate travel purse! It’s extremely light-weight, comfortable, made of durable fabric, easily wipes clean and is machine washable. Each stylish purse has several handy, compartments to organize your belongings. For international travel excursions this is a must-have item. My personal Baggallini collection includes a smart phone pouch, a black purse, a charcoal grey purse, and a turquoise purse. The awesome smartphone pouch has credit card slots, space for a passport, boarding passes, pen and small wallet.

Best Travel Accessories #6: Travel Shoes

Travel in comfort with light-weight ballet flats that can be easily stored in your backpack once you reach your destination and change shoes.

Best Travel Accessories #7: Travel Shoe Bags

Don’t travel dirty! Inside your suitcase keep dirty shoes away from clean clothes. Prevent stains and foot odor from spreading throughout your suitcase by packing your shoes in convenient travel shoe bags.

Best Travel Accessories #8: Toiletry Bag & Cosmetic Bag

Travel light. Select a well-designed toiletry bag with several compartments that packs flat when put inside your suitcase. For women, two compact cosmetic bags are all you really need. In one cosmetic bag pack essential make-up and make-up brushes. Use a second cosmetic bag for jewelry.

Best Travel Accessories #9: Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera

As travel bloggers for Puerto Vallarta, my husband and I each have our own Samsung Galaxy Camera. It’s basically a social media camera with all the functions of an iPhone, with the exception that it’s a camera not a phone. With a wifi connection we can immediately upload images and video to Facebook and Instagram, then check our email and Pinterest accounts. We each have three extra batteries and our own external battery chargers. View actual images we’ve taken with our Samsung Galaxy 2 cameras here: www.instagram.com/gilbertpvbeachbum/

Best Travel Accessories #10: Travel Pouch & Tech Gadgets

When it comes to travel accessories, savvy travelers use a special travel pouch to store and carry must-have tech gadgets. Here are the tech accessories in my travel pouch: high-speed wall charger, 10-foot iPhone charging cable (provides the flexibility needed to connect to airport outlets located at various distances from where you’re seated), external battery power bank, iPod shuffle, noise-cancelling earphones, car charger, USB flash drive, aux cord, and one of my favorites – a bendable wireless mouse that you can flatten to pack!

Best Travel Accessories #11: Belkin Portable Swivel USB Surge Protector

I absolutely love this Belkin surge protector. Not only do we travel with one, but we have this same exact model plugged into several outlets at our beachfront Mexico condo. I highly recommend this travel accessory!

Best Travel Accessories #12: Travel Jacket Gripper

This travel jacket gripper is super handy! It connects to your bag and holds your jacket to keep your hands free.

Best Travel Accessories #13: Waterproof Smart Phone/Digital Camera Pouch

This air-tight, water-tight pouch will protect your smart phone or digital camera from dirt, water, dust or sand. This nifty travel accessory is perfect for days at the beach, or for kayaking and boating excursions. It has a foam insert that allows the pouch to float on the water’s surface.

Best Travel Accessories #14: Compact Travel Umbrella

Don’t get caught in the rain! Pack a heavy-duty, compact travel umbrella. This travel umbrella has a frame that won’t break if flipped inside out. The umbrella auto opens, has a full-size canopy, and is windproof to 60+MPH.

Best Travel Accessories #15: Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This memory foam travel pillow is seriously the most comfortable travel pillow ever! And what’s awesome is that it’s not a pain to carry around. This travel pillow actually squeezes down and fits into its storage bag saving valuable space. When removed from the storage bag it slowly returns to its original shape.

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  1. These are some great tips! I can’t believe I’ve never thought about bringing a surge protector on vacation – I’m always running out of plugs to charge things. I’ll definitely have to get one before my next trip.

  2. Packing cubes are the best! I have been backpacking on and off for the past 3 years so I am all too familiar with how packing cubes make a huge difference! And I def need those shoe bags – always have to put my shoes in plastic bags is annoying!

  3. I seriously love the luggage scale and the USB surge protector! You should see me when we are getting ready to leave, I’m standing on the scale with my bag, and then I weigh myself..lol geez louise…I just need to buy the luggage scale!

  4. Great post!! I have never heard of those cubes or the shoe bags…I so need those! I am off to Dallas soon, so this is a timely post! Best to you ..I do travel too along with fashion! LOve your blog!


  5. I absolutely love the idea of the travel shoes and travel shoe bags. Those little flats would be great to keep in the car, too, for those times when you want to get out of your heels asap! :)

  6. Great post! I need to get new luggage :) we travel so dang much and I’ve gone through so many bags… time for some new ones! Maybe more durable this time.
    Danielle Greco – AccordingtoD.com

  7. So glad to have come across your blog, love it!! You are tempting me to buy so many of these amazing travel goodies, I have a similar luggage bag but these colors are too pretty. And the portable chargers are so so useful, I don’t know what I would do without them.
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  8. i so need a scale for my luggage. last September I was in Europe for 3 weeks and we flew with kLM. you can have 23 kilos in your suitcase. when i got to the airport my suitcase was 29 kilo and my hand luggage was also full and my husband also had to many kilos, so we had to pay up. 100 euro each..ouchhhh!!

  9. This list includes so many great things I would never think of! That digital luggage scale is an absolute must! There is nothing worse than having to pay for overweight luggage. And I love the organizational cubes, such a great idea!

    Clothes & Quotes

  10. I SO need that luggage scale! We have a huge issue with overweight luggage so that would be super helpful! I love the hard shell luggage. My husband and I have been talking about investing in two nice sets because we know it will last.



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