Candy corn cupcakes with swirls of multi-color frosting on a Halloween dessert table.


These festive vanilla cupcakes feature irresistible swirls of fluffy tricolor frosting that looks like candy corn!

Four squares of Halloween candy corn fudge sitting on a small metal tray on a decorated dessert table.


This creamy-white Candy Corn Fudge is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It’ll bring all the ghouls to the kitchen!

Four pumpkin pie pop tarts cooling on parchment paper on the back of a metal tray.


These pumpkin pie pop tarts are adorable and delicious. These breakfast pastries are simple to make!

Halloween hot cocoa bombs: little white chocolate bomb mummies with candy eyes on a wooden board.


Ready for a cup of hot cocoa? Make the moment a fun visual experience with a Halloween hot cocoa bomb!

Slab of spiderweb chocolate bark on black stone serving tray surrounded by cloth cobwebs and spider.

Spiderweb Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a spooky Halloween treat! It features 2 chocolate layers covered in cobwebs and tiny spiders!

Green popcorn slime in white bowl with stretches of marshmallow slime and spooky candy eyes.

Green Popcorn Slime

Green slime popcorn is a spooky Halloween treat. Eat monster popcorn during scary movie nights and parties!

Mummy hot dogs

Mummy hot dogs are also called hot dog fingers. They’re easy Halloween appetizers.

DIY Spider Pinata hanging above a pile of Halloween candy.

Spider Pinata DIY

This DIY spider pinata is a must-make for the Halloween season. Here’s how!

PB and J Spiders for Halloween

PB and J Spiders

PB and J spiders are fun Halloween sandwiches. Ideal for parties. Make them in 5 minutes.