Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas + DIY Cactus Pinata

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Creating a Cinco de Mayo Menu that’s scrumptious, festive and fun is super easy with this collection of yummy Mexican recipes! Right now I’m actually typing this post from a beachfront table in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where every day is a celebration. What you’ll love most about Mexican party food is how simple these recipes are to make. To complete your festive Mexican tablescape, I’ll show you how to create a gorgeous, DIY cactus pinata. I’m so excited to help you plan your upcoming Mexican fiesta!

Best Cinco De Mayo Recipes + DIY Cactus Pinata

Authentic Mexican Guacamole

No Cinco de Mayo menu is complete without authentic Mexican guacamole! Right now I’m in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sitting at a beachfront table in the sand enjoying an ice-cold beverage along with guacamole and chips. Below is the best guacamole recipe you’ll find for this Mexican favorite. It’s exactly how they make it here on the west coast of Mexico.

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Best 7 Layer Dip Recipe

When it comes to delicious seven layer dips, this fabulous recipe comes out on top! When you add this 7 layer dip to your Cinco de Mayo menu, your party guests will be so excited! This appetizer will be gone in a flash.

7 Layer Dip Recipe

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Cheesy Rotel Bean Dip

Yummy, cheesy Rotel bean dip is quick and easy to make! This Mexican party food is a staple appetizer for a tasty Cinco de Mayo menu. If you don’t Rotel (canned tomatoes), instead you can use fresh tomatoes and fire-roasted green chilies. Either way this Mexican appetizer is so darn yummy!

Cheesy Rotel Bean Dip

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Fiesta Taco Dip

Get the party started with this scrumptious, flavorful fiesta taco dip! A perfect addition to any Cinco de Mayo menu, this appetizer is quick and easy to make. Get your tortilla chips ready for this fantastic Mexican dip!

Fiesta Party Dip Recipe


Quesadillas served with colorful Mexican garnishes.

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

On the Pacific coast of Mexico, shrimp is staple ingredient. It’s included on most restaurant menus and is a perfect addition to your Cinco de Mayo menu. Although this appetizer looks and tastes like a gourmet creation, this Mexican party food favorite very easy to make!

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

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Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing

In Mexico food is fresh, colorful and full of flavor. Salads or vegetables are an important part of any healthy Mexican meal. This creamy cilantro lime dressing is a must-have on your Cinco de Mayo menu. Use it for a dip for veggies or as delicious dressing for a simple green salad.

How to make Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing

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Mexican Wedge Salad

This fabulous Mexican wedge salad is a welcome addition to any Cinco de Mayo menu. This healthy, colorful salad is a real people pleaser! You can put this salad to together in no time flat, or your guests can create their own salads using pre-cut lettuce wedges and a few simple ingredients.

Mexican Wedge Salad Recipe

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Authentic Flour Tortillas

This authentic flour tortilla recipe has been passed down through four generations. It’s a genuine family treasure. My Grandma Mercie made the best homemade flour tortillas you ever could taste. Now I’m sharing this beloved recipe with you! It’s ideal for your Cinco de Mayo menu. You can use them for making cheese quesadillas, or for making soft tacos.

Flour tortillas

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Homemade Crunchy Taco Bell Tacos

No Cinco de Mayo menu is complete without tasty tacos! They’re must-have Mexican party food. If you’re in a hurry, these homemade Taco Bell tacos are easy to make and a real crowd pleaser. Your guests can fill their pre-made taco shells with freshly-prepared ground beef as well as other tasty toppings. Keep your ground beef hot in a crockpot so it’s warm and ready to serve throughout the party.

Ground Beef Tacos displayed in a special taco holder along with Taco Bell hot sauce.

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Mexican Chicken and Rice

Mexican chicken and rice is quick and easy to put together! This Mexican one-pot meal can be your main dinner entree for your Cinco de Mayo menu, or be served as an additional option alongside tasty Mexican tacos.

Mexican Chicken and Rice

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Best Top-Shelf Margarita Recipe

Delicious top-shelf Margaritas are the drink of choice for Mexican celebrations and every festive Cinco de Mayo menu. This essential Margarita recipe produces the best of the best Mexican cocktails. Enjoy!

How to Make Margaritas | Top Shelf Margarita Recipe | National Margarita Day

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Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Round out your Cinco de Mayo menu with these other popular Mexican party food favorites:

Easy Restaurant-Style White Queso
Authentic Mexican Beef Tamales
Crispy Pork Carnitas

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These are the simple, inexpensive materials you’ll need to create this festive cactus pinata: cardboard or poster board, green crepe paper streamers, scissors, invisible tape, packing tape, white paper, glue, pencil, and a ruler.

DIY Cactus Pinata for Cinco de Mayo


Draw and cut a cactus shape on your poster board. Trace and cut out a second cactus shape.


Using a ruler, cut 3-inch wide long strips for your piñata sides. Using packing tape, tape together the sides, top and bottom of the cactus pinata.


Fold, layer and cut your paper streamer along the bottom to create a fringe. Cut and tape your fringe streamer onto your cactus piñata until it’s fully covered.


Using pink fringe crepe paper, add pink flowers to the top of your DIY cactus piñata. Cut out small white cactus pricks using either white poster board scraps or from a roll of white crepe paper. Glue them onto your cactus piñata.

Cactus Pinata for Cactus Party

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Save this easy DIY CACTUS PINATA to Pinterest! It makes a great tablescape decoration for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Paired up with your Cinco de Mayo menu, your cactus pinata will help create a fun and festive Mexican party atmosphere!


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What is your favorite Cinco de Mayo menu item? What do you think about this festive DIY cactus Pinata? I’d love to hear about your party plans for Cinco de Mayo!

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    1. Kim, I’m so happy you found this yummy collection of festive Mexican recipes! These include so many family favorites. Your house-warming guests will love them. Congratulations on your new home! What an exciting time!

  1. All the food looks great! At first I thought the lime dressing was a drink when I first seen the picture. I thought whoa whoa, no thank you, lol. I’ll take my margarita frozen and strawberry! =) The decorations were cute too!

  2. You have provided everything needed to host a Cinco de Mayo party and a huge thank you for the Guacamole recipe – it’s spectacular! I’m excited about making the pinata with my daughter, what a fun project for her and I to do together.

  3. So many ideas! I love cilantro lime dressing but I’ve never tried Mexican shrimp cocktail. I will be trying several of these recipes this year. Thanks!