10 Date Ideas Under $40: Fun on the Cheap!

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10 Date Ideas Under $40 – Fun on the Cheap!
Fun Date Ideas on the Cheap

As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s very common for teens and young adults to start feeling a bit of anxiety over how to properly pamper their significant other on this widely celebrated lovers’ holiday. While many struggle to come up with inventive ideas, others cringe at the oncoming financial pinch. With this in mind, here are 10 great ideas for fun romantic dates that won’t break the bank!

Cheap Date Ideas #1

Begin Valentine’s Day with a visit to a local museum. Follow this up with a scrumptious lunch at a cozy pizza-by-the-slice restaurant.

Cheap Date Ideas #2

Take a romantic walk in a park that has a duck pond. Bring bread to feed the ducks. Spread out a blanket and unpack a picnic basket filled with delicious baguette sandwiches, chips and drinks. Ahead of time, set up a scavenger hunt at the park for your sweetie: create a series of love notes with

Cheap Date Ideas #3

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the skating rink and roller skate hand in hand. Afterward, head home for a romantic movie night. Order take-out Chinese food.

Cheap Date Ideas #4

Start off the day with a trip to the zoo. Then relax and enjoy a packed lunch in a park beneath a romantic tree. For the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert, head over to an ice cream parlor and share a banana split. Two spoons are better than one!

Cheap Date Ideas #5

Treat your Valentine to a delicious homemade brunch. Then go bowling. Afterward, stop by a frozen yogurt shop to enjoy a yummy Valentine’s Day treat.

Cheap Date Ideas #6

Take out your wicker basket and go shopping together at an outdoor farmers market. As you walk around exploring colorful veggies and other ingredients, treat your Valentine to a breakfast scone or brownie at one of the bakery stands. Back at home slip on matching aprons and cook up a delicious meal side by side. For couples over 21, dial up the romance with a bottle of sparkling wine.

Cheap Date Ideas #7

Take your sweetie to a matinee movie. Splurge on a bucket of popcorn and two sodas. After the movie ride bikes together around a scenic area. Make a trip to a candy store to pick out a few Valentine’s Day goodies.

Cheap Date Ideas #8

Move furniture around so there’s a nice wide area in the center of the living room. Spread out a picnic blanket on the floor and light a few candles. Serve romantic appetizers and finger sandwiches accompanied by colorful bottled drinks. End the evening by giving your sweetheart a single long-stem rose or a heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Cheap Date Ideas #9

Take a road trip to a nearby city with a historic downtown. Spend the afternoon strolling and exploring. Take turns playing photographer snapping creative, frame-worthy photos in this unique setting. Be sure that several photos feature the two of you together. Surprise your sweetie with a lovely 5X7 picture frame. Enjoy lunch at a small eatery that serves entrees under $12. Visit a candy store to pick up a few sweet Valentine’s Day treats.

Cheap Date Ideas #10

Roll back the clock! Start off the evening with burgers and fries at an old-fashioned diner. Follow that up with a trip to a drive-in theater. Bring your own popcorn, candy and soda pop. Remember to kiss your Valentine before the clock strikes 12.

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