Easter Gift Ideas for Ages 10-18

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This page is filled with wonderful Easter gift ideas for teens and tweens ages 10-18. Easter is an exciting holiday for all age groups! It’s not just the tiny ones that look forward to receiving an Easter basket filled to the rim with yummy treats and toys. When selecting Easter gifts for teens I like to focus on fun games that will make them think and can provide a bit of learning value along the way. Below are this season’s top gifts for teens and tweens – with a focus on the hard-to-shop-for teenager and the extra picky ones too!

Easter Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Easter Gift Ideas for Hours of Quiet Enjoyment

Youngsters transitioning from children to teenagers are at that unique age we refer to as “tweens.” Easter basket ideas for tweens include a mix of unique games and books that will provide hours of quiet enjoyment.  Tween favorites for girls include spring small inexpensive items like flip flops, lip gloss, and nail polish. Easter gift ideas for boys include swim trunks, a baseball cap, and tickets to a local sporting event.

Fun and engaging activity sets like stenciling, friendship bracelets, origami kits are always a great hit with this age group. Introduce your child to sewing or knitting by gifting them supplies along with a gift certificate to a class where they can learn a new skill. Teens enjoy card games – look for ones with great reviews. They also enjoy adult coloring books with multi-color fineliner felt pens that can spark their imaginations. If your child enjoys reading or researching specific subjects, a gift certificate to a local bookstore will be the perfect Easter gift.

Best Easter Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Top Easter Gift Ideas for Teens

As tweens transition to teens things get a little tricker when trying to find the best Easter basket gift ideas to put a little spark of excitement in their day. Teenagers are all about electronics. But don’t feel like you need to spend a lot to please this age group. Instead focus on simple items that they can use day in and day out, whether on the weekends or at school. A new pair of earpods is always appreciated!

If your child could use a new purse or backpack, this is the perfect occasion to provide them with a new one. If you have a daughter who is a novice with light makeup, this is a great opportunity to provide a few basic makeup tools along with a promised trip to a beauty supply store that provides mini makeovers by appointment. If your teen enjoys cooking, a cookbook along with a nice quality wooden spoon or a few basic kitchen tools they can call their own make awesome Easter basket gifts!

Best Easter Gift Ideas for Teens

Fun Easter Gift Ideas for Picky Teens

Here are more fun Easter basket gift ideas for teens: gas card, restaurant gift certificate, mani/pedi gift certificate, a bracelet, the current issue of their favorite magazine and/or a yearly subscription, perfume or cologne. You can fill a beach bag with some basic beach-day essentials, or pack a sports bag with a few gym essentials. How about an essential oils diffuser that can help your teens get a relaxing night’s sleep?

A portable power bank to charge up their electronic devices when they’re away from home will be a much-appreciated Easter basket gift. Most teens will enjoy a gift certificate for bowling or roller skating that brings back some good old-fashioned fun! The possibilities are endless for Easter gift ideas, but I hope you’ve found a few sprinkles of inspiration right here on this page.

Religious Easter Gifts for Teens

It’s important to keep the meaning of Easter in focus. Remind your teenager why your family celebrates this holiday. Share beautiful insights about your religious heritage and traditions. In this year’s Easter basket include a lovely religious gift your child can engage with now and cherish for years to come. Each of these Easter gift ideas is meaningful and thought provoking.

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On this page did you find some great Easter gift ideas for teens and tweens? Are there any items you’d like me to add? What are your favorite Easter basket ideas for ages 10-18? I’d love to learn about the types of Easter gifts your children enjoy the most. I invite you to share you thoughts in the comments below!

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