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~ A best friend is a rare and precious jewel.

~ You can never have too many friends.

~ Friendship makes the heart bloom wider.

~ Friends are the special people in your life who become family.

~ True friends are hard to find.

~ Always water your friendships. Without proper attention they will never bloom.

~ Friends should never be taken for granted.

~ Fair-weather friends are a dime a dozen.

~ Richer are those who invest in friendship.

~ Friendship is the spice of life.

~ The world is full of friends you haven’t yet met.

~ One true friend is worth more than a dozen fair-weather friends.

~ Friends like you just the way you are.

~ Friends remind you of all your best qualities – especially on the days you struggle to see them in yourself.

~ True friends are honest, thoughtful and kind. And they forgive you on the rare days when you are not.

~ Your friends are a reflection of who you really are. Surround yourself with only the best!

~ A friend is someone who has experienced you at your worst and still loves you.

~ You can’t choose your family, but you can certainly choose your friends.

~ Friends are the family you choose.

~ Friends are the special people that brighten up your day!

~ Friends make life more fun!

~ Best friends forever.

~ Friends respect one another’s goals and cherish one another’s dreams.

~ New friends can be exciting connections to amazing experiences.

~ Life can be a difficult road to navigate without a best friend.

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