Grave Digger Halloween Cocktails with Tequila

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These Grave Digger Halloween cocktails are my welcoming toast to fall! With cooler weather ahead and the kiddos back at school, we’re already thinking about parties, family get-togethers and fun ways to celebrate the season. Last year I was in New Orleans. The vampire tours, swamp tours, and bat sightings were enough to give any brave soul goosebumps! This year I’m sharing my fabulous tequila cocktail with super festive twists. Beware all witches, vampires, zombies and ghosts, when the clock strikes 12 these Halloween cocktails will send you straight back to your graves!

Grave Digger Halloween Cocktail

Ingredients for Halloween Cocktails

These are the simple ingredients needed to make these yummy Halloween cocktails: Reposado tequila, melon schnapps, green jello, lemon-lime soda, and ice cubes. For pure convenience, I just purchase pre-made jello cups at the market. But a money-saving option is making your own at home. For rimming cocktail glasses and garnishing, I recommend triple sec and edible green glitter flakes. Don’t despair if you don’t have this garnish on hand for your Halloween cocktails. There’s a quick and simple way to make this ingredient at home: Homemade Colored Sugar.

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Drinks

Here’s how to make delicious tequila cocktails for your costume party! Begin by rimming a cocktail glass with triple sec and colored sugar. Fill the glass halfway with ice. Add crushed jello pieces directly on top of the ice. Measure and pour the tequila, melon schnapps and soda. Briefly stir the drink with a cocktail spoon. If you’d prefer to make a large batch of these Halloween drinks and serve them in a punch bowl or beverage jar, it’s super easy to do. Just follow the measurements in the recipe card below. Rim a batch of cocktail glasses in advance and place them on a large tray so your guests can help themselves to these festive tequila cocktails!

Halloween Drinks

Halloween Drink Ideas

If desired, garnish your drinks by sprinkling a few pinches of glitter flakes on top. You can serve these alcoholic beverages with or without paper straws. Are you in favor of super scary Halloween drinks? Here’s how to elevate these tequila cocktails and make them look bone-chillingly scary: pound dry ice down to a powder that will easily fit through a drinking straw. Just before serving, add the powder to the bottom of the glass. After creating the cocktail add a bit more of the powdered ice on top of each drink. This will create a spooky, foggy graveyard effect. Seriously, after making these tequila drink you and your friends will definitely agree, these Grave Digger Halloween cocktails are one of the best Halloween drink ideas you’ve ever tried! Note: Never serve or consume large pieces of dry ice, touch it with your bare hands, or leave it unattended around children. Find more information here: Dry ice safety.

Halloween Drink Ideas

Halloween Alcoholic Drinks

One of the things I love most about planning Halloween parties is developing a great menu for finger foods, creative desserts, and spooky Halloween drinks and cocktails! If kiddos will be present at this year’s party, be sure to have a few creepy mocktails available just for them. These Halloween alcoholic drinks are for the 21-plus crowd only! When decorating, I encourage you to go all out by creating a scary party atmosphere that’s the perfect dwelling place for demons, spirits and the walking dead. Your guests should feel faint at heart when walking down dimly-lit hallways, and gingerly avoiding menacing dark corners. After all, who knows what devious invisible presence could be lurking behind those heavy dark curtains? Could it be a werewolf or a hideous swamp creature with long sharp nails?

Halloween Alcoholic Drinks

Halloween Party Supplies

Planning a fun Halloween party is easy to do with a bit of creativity and a few scary party supplies. Below I’ve included some great decorating ideas, including heart-stopping ways to serve up spooky Halloween drinks!

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Are these Halloween drinks getting you excited about planning your upcoming party? Pin this tequila cocktail recipe to Pinterest right now!

Grave Digger Halloween Cocktail with Tequila

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Get super festive with these easy HALLOWEEN BROWNIE BITES! Perfect for small appetites, these two-bite desserts are also a great addition to a Halloween dessert table.

Halloween Brownie Bites

This popular HALLOWEEN SNACK MIX is perfect for Halloween parties, movie nights and road-trip snacking.

Spooky Halloween Snack Mix

These <strong>MONSTER MASH HALLOWEEN BROWNIES are so darn scrumptious! Perfect for the Halloween season, they’re also a great way to use left-over Halloween candy.

Halloween Brownies

More Halloween drink ideas: HALLOWEEN PARTY PUNCH is the perfect Halloween mocktail recipe for both kids and adults!

Halloween Party Ideas

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Grave Digger Halloween Cocktail

Grave Digger Halloween Cocktails


Create spooky Halloween cocktails with this delicious tequila drink recipe! When it comes to fabulous Halloween drink ideas, this one’s the best.



  • Ice cubes
  • 1/4 cup green Jello, crushed (refrigerated snack packs or made at home)
  • 1 part melon schnapps
  • 1 part reposado tequila
  • 5 parts lemon-lime soda
  • For rimming cocktail glasses: triple sec and green glitter flakes
  • For garnishing: green flakes or green granulated sugar


  1. Rim a cocktail glass by dipping it into triple sec and then into a dish of green glitter flakes or green-colored granulated sugar.
  2. Fill the glass half way up with ice.
  3. Add the finely-crushed Jello on top of the ice. The Jello pieces should be small enough to fit through a straw.
  4. With a jigger, measure out the melon schnapps, tequila and soda. Add them to the glass in that order. Stir the Halloween drink with a straw or cocktail spoon.
  5. Garnish the top of this Halloween cocktail with flakes of colored sugar.
  6. Serve immediately. Enjoy!


Calories below do not include rimming ingredients or garnishes.

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  • Method: By hand
  • Cuisine: American, Mexican

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Are you planning a spooky Halloween party this year? Would you love to make these unique Halloween drinks? In the comments below, let me know what you think about these Grave Digger Halloween cocktails! Remember to leave a star rating for this yummy drink recipe.

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  1. Love this cocktail. Bring a little fun to an adult Halloween party. I ‘ll have to show this to my best friend so we can make it for our Halloween party.

  2. I totally can’t wait until Halloween to make one of these. What a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit…and I love those glasses.

  3. These cocktails look so festive and delicious. I would love to make a set of these for Halloween. These would be perfect at a party.

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  5. This looks like a wonderful spread for a Halloween party. Everything looks so fun and delicious. We don’t drink but maybe we can make a virgin version.

  6. I’m DYING over those glasses! They’re AWESOME. Also, this drink sounds amazing and I probably won’t wait for Halloween to make it, lol.

  7. Oh my gosh Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t believe it. How did we get to this part of the year already. I am totally going to make this drink. The color is absolutely perfect for Halloween.

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