New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies for a Happy Homecoming

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New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies for a Happy Homecoming

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies for Fido | Dog Supplies


Congratulations on your new member of the family! This is a really exciting time. Once you bring your new puppy home there will be a definite period of adjustment. Your life will never be quite the same again. It will be so much sweeter! This New Puppy Checklist was designed just for you. It includes all of the essential pet supplies you’ll need for a happy homecoming. Whether you’ve budgeted for just the basics or can afford to splurge a little on a more expanded list of wonderful and helpful dog supplies, you’ll find everything you need right here.

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New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Comfy Dog Bed + Pet Blanket

One of the the most important pet supplies you’ll need is a soft and comfy dog bed. Select a dog bed based on your dog’s size. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate his growth. Look for a dog bed that’s easy to clean. A dog bed that can be machine washed and dried can always look as fresh and clean as the day you first brought it home. Because a dog bed will be visible to everyone every day in your main living space, choose one that fits in with your home’s unique style. For me, I don’t prefer to own shabby, embarrassing-looking pet beds! Another important pet supply on the New Puppy Checklist is a warm, snuggly blanket for your new family member.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Lovely Set of Dog Bowls

Dog bowls for food and water are on the top of any new puppy checklist. Select a set that is sturdy and won’t slip or slide around easily on the floor. Pet bowls come in various sizes. Invest in dog bowls that are large enough to accommodate your pet as it grows. The size of the water dish is especially important. Make sure it’s large enough to hold plenty of water for a full work day! If you have wooden floors that can get ruined with splashing water from dog bowl, slip a placemat under the water bowl.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Comfortable Dog Crate

A dog crate is an excellent training tool for a new puppy. You’ll want to set up a dog crate that is welcoming to your new puppy. You want his environment to feel comfortable and safe. The dog crate above has double doors for side and front access, and slide-bolt latches. I love that it’s easy to set up, easy to fold down, and is portable. It includes a convenient divider panel so you can adjust a puppy’s crate space as it grows.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Dog Collar + Dog Tag

With puppies you’ll initially start out with a small dog collar that will need to be replaced for a larger size as your dog grows. If you are crazy in love with a specific dog collar pattern, you might as well purchase two dog collars. One that fits your new puppy right now, and one dog collar in the next size up. Make sure you choose a dog collar that is not only durable, but has a nice comfortable fit. Attach a dog tag that displays your dog’s name, your cell phone number, and another emergency contact number. Be sure to get your pet microchipped at the vet so you can rest assured that you’ve done everything you can to be proactive in keeping your new puppy safe.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Dog Harness + Dog Leash + Poop Bags

Every dog needs a safe and comfortable, safe and stylish dog harness for going on daily walks and other excursions. The dog harness above is soft with a padded neck opening. It has an adjustable belt and quick-release buckle. I love that it’s machine washable. Pair up the dog harness with a leash that’s strong and a length you feel comfortable with. As a responsible pet owner it’s also important that you have a dog waste poop bag dispenser (with poop bags) that hooks onto the dog leash so you are ready to clean up doggie messes on the go!

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Puppy Housebreaking Pee Pads

For indoor potty training puppy pee pads are a vital pet supply item on the new puppy checklist. Housebreaking pads provide worry-free training and an alternative to outdoor relief for your new puppy. These 5-ply leak-proof pads worked well when training Diesel Dog. They protected our hardwood floors and carpets. Another awesome item Diesel Dog has is the Pet Park Indoor Pet Potty for cold winter days when we cannot leave our French doors open to the backyard for him. In the future when we take Diesel Dog to our vacation condo in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico having the Pet Park Indoor Pet Potty will come in very handy. We’ll place it out on one of the balconies so we’re not taking the elevator to the ground floor every time he needs to do his private business.

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New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Merrick Dog Food + Treats + Bone

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Recipe is an excellent dog food choice for your new puppy. Diesel Dog loves this high-quality dog food, and over the last 18 months he has tried several other Merrick dog food flavors. For treats Diesel prefers Golden Dogs Chicken Jerky, Indigo Smokehouse Strips, and decorated dog biscuits. Diesel enjoys visiting our local Pet Extreme and Petco where he enjoys sniffing out and selecting his own bones. He usually goes for the largest one and occasionally a pig ear or two.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Pet Toys

All dogs love toys. In a home full of other people’s things, dogs need to know that they have items that are just for them. Keeping a young puppy entertained also helps keep them out of trouble. When Diesel Dog was first brought home he ate several pairs of shoes, and chewed up things that had to get replaced. But each time he was presented with a new toy he quickly began to learn that it was okay for him to chew and play with those particular items while leaving his family’s personal things intact. We keep all his toys in a low-profile basket that he can easily access throughout the day. The dog toys above are just a few of the dog toys in Diesel Dog’s toy basket right now. His all-time favorite toy is the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball. He has six of these Chuckit! balls because his backyard is 2/3 of an acre and his Chuckit! Max Glow Balls end up behind trees, in the pool and behind furniture inside the house. We’ve learned the hard way that Diesel Dog gets very distraught when he cannot locate his favorite toy.

New Puppy Checklist | Pet Supplies: Shampoo + Toothbrush + Grooming Supplies

The final round-up of essential pet supplies on the New Puppy Checklist includes dog shampoo, dog toothbrush, dental sticks, dog grooming brush, and dog nail clippers. Because many dogs have very sensitive skin which can get irritated and develop rashes, it’s highly recommended that you do not use people shampoo on dogs. Use a pet shampoo that’s specially formulated for dogs. A dog toothbrush helps keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. And between brushings dental sticks do double duty as a dog treat and teeth cleaner! For clipping dog’s nails Diesel is taken to a groomer. Depending on the type of puppy you have, trimming and filing a dog’s nails can often be very tricky. If not done correctly you can end up hurting your dog and cause bleeding. But if you’d like to give it a try at home, the dog clipper above is a very good buy.

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  1. Wow! Your photos are really beautiful. You know I have a dog too and she is Aggy. I adopt her when she was only 2 months old and now she is 9 years old. BTW I need this lovely dog bowl. Aggy likes to take food on the bowl then again the old one is lost anyhow. Denay, I will share my experience after using your suggested dog bowl. Till then stay well. :)

  2. Very good checklist! This New Puppy Checklist was designed just awesome. It includes all of the essential pet supplies , I’ll find everything i need right here. I will implement some of methods. If i found any issue , i will inform you after use. a lot of thanks for this kind of effective post. see you soon.

  3. Impressive list. But we can cut off some expenses by skipping some items. We can make homemade dog treats to reduce the cost. Because it is heather and not costly. I support dog clipper for those people who can clip the nails perfectly, but it will not be a good idea for the new dog owners. You can add an item to your list, which is dog gate. As the new dog has a good chance to spoil your living room because most of the time the dogs are curious. I am following your blog for a couple of weeks because I have found some good articles on your blog.

  4. Yes to all of this. The only thing that I have that I don’t use is the nail clippers. I can’t do it by myself. I have to take my dog in to get his nails clipped. It’s only $5 and doesn’t take me very long. I’ve been clipping his nails since he was a puppy and it wasn’t so bad when he had puppy nails but now he’s grown and is very vocal and I can’t hold him still and cut his nails.

  5. This is such a great list! My husband and I want to get a puppy one day so I’ll have to remember this post for when that time comes. Thanks for all the awesome info!

  6. Great list. Glad you mentioned microchips. So so so important! We found our dog in a parking lot. He had lost his collar (assuming he had one) and wasn’t chipped.

  7. It’s all clear, toys, bones, combs, and where the glasses from the first picture? In any such dog automatically becomes superdog :)
    Last photo, droopy ears miracle :)

  8. We already have a pup, but this just reminds me of all the stuff I need to update! And I love the treat options! I’m going to look for those the next time I’m at Petco! Thanks!


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