Make Sparkle Cupcakes with Williams-Sonoma Glitter Flakes

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Make Sparkle Cupcakes with Williams-Sonoma Glitter Flakes


Celebrate the colors of spring by baking up beautiful treats! When it comes to decorating cookies and cupcakes I love experimenting with lovely new things. I often pull out my Wilton’s decorating bags and tips and experiment with new patterns. This week I was searching for a quick and easy way to decorate 36 cupcakes for my niece Ava’s birthday party. And even though this baking project needed to be done in a hurry, I didn’t want to sacrifice the beauty of the end product. Luckily, I had 12 containers of gorgeous glitter flakes from Williams-Sonoma. When I purchased these I was already a huge fan of their darling cookie cutters. So I was really looking forward to trying out more of their gourmet baking items. My sister and niece were very happy with the end result.

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How to Decorate Cupcakes | Williams Sonoma Glitter Flakes

The colorful glitter flakes from Williams-Sonoma gave these basic vanilla cupcakes a beautiful sparkle! Because the day was long and time was short, I used a basic white cake mix and vanilla frosting. I have double ovens so I baked a set of 12 cupcakes on the center rack of each oven, then finished baking the last dozen on the second round. Whenever I bake cupcakes I use parchment cupcake liners plus a decorative wrapper. The exact cupcake liners I used are shown above. Parchment liners prevent cupcakes from sticking to their wrappers, because we all know how sad it is when half a cupcake is stuck to its wrapper. The second cupcake liner I used matched the color scheme of Ava’s birthday party. To keep things crisp and clean, those cupcake liners were slipped on AFTER I frosted the cupcakes!


Once the cupcakes were completely cooled I frosted them with delicious vanilla frosting. As each cupcake was frosted I sprinkled it with beautiful, sparkly glitter flakes. I love that Williams-Sonoma has so many fabulous colors to choose from. I used every single color for Ava’s birthday cupcakes. If you don’t happen to live near a Williams-Sonoma store, no worries! You can always order edible glitter online – see the link below. After the last cupcake was frosted and sprinkled with glitter flakes, I have to admit, I licked some frosting right off the spatula on the way to the kitchen sink!


I transported the cupcakes to Ava’s birthday party in a very convenient cupcake tote that my sister dropped off. The lovely blue cupcake carrier I used is seen above! It stores 36 cupcakes for safe transport. I sure wish I would have had one of these handy cupcake carriers when my daughters were small. For holidays and special events I would transport flats of decorated cupcakes to their classrooms at school in the shallow inner trays of my restaurant-style chafing dishes.

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What’s really awesome is that these Williams-Sonoma glitter flakes are really light and airy like a fairy’s wings! They don’t add grit to the frosting and don’t change the taste. They literally melt in your mouth which is so delightful! To celebrate spring I shall bake up another batch of these beautiful sparkle cupcakes for my husband to share at the office. Do you have a favorite cupcake decorating tip? I invite you to join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Sanding sugars are really nothing more than course-grain sugar tinted with coloring. You can even make your own if you’re feeling industrious! Their multifaceted surfaces catch the light and make baked goods glitter not only cookies, but frosted cupcakes, layer cakes, muffins, and scones.

    • Hello Vern. Thanks so much for sharing this great tip on sanding sugars. I really appreciate it! I wish I knew how to make these beautiful, light-weight glitter flakes too. :-)

  2. Hi Denay,

    I love cupcakes…that’s my weakness. :) The sparkle does make a great topper. Thanks for showing us where we can get these products. I’m off to do a little shopping. :)

    Hope you’re having a great week.


  3. I LOVE your blog design! Those cupcakes are way too pretty. I’ve never seen the glitter sprinkles but that’s definitely something I need in my kitchen! I also love those cupcake wrappers you shared. I just bought myself some and need to find a reason to use them now :) Have a great weekend!

  4. These glitter flakes seem like the way to go when it comes to adding a topping to cupcakes. I love the look of the colorful sprinkles. Glad to hear that they don’t add a gritty texture. I hate the sprinkle grittiness that some of the other brands offer. Thanks for sharing, will have to pick up some different colors then next time I’m at Williams Sonoma.

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