Valentine’s Day Desserts

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Valentine’s Day desserts are a delicious way to say ‘I love you’. Surprise your sweetheart with a batch of decadent romantic treats. They’ll feel special and loved all day long. ♥️ These easy recipes are fun to make.


An 8-image collage of Valentine's Day desserts.

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Make a batch of red velvet truffles with 3 basic ingredients. These red-and-white cake balls are luxurious Valentine’s Day desserts.

Peanut Butter Blossoms made with Hershey's Kisses and Skippy Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Blossoms

These elevated peanut butter cookie flaunt a delicious chocolate kiss smack in the middle. They’re classic Valentine’s Day treats.

mini lemon tarts

These delicious lemon tartlets are quick and easy to make with the halfway-to-homemade method! Garnished with whipped cream and berries, these are special romantic desserts.

Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Luxurious chocolate tarts are rich, decadent, Valentine’s Day desserts. Make them in 20 minutes then chill. So easy.

Lemon Curd cookies

Lemon thumbprint cookies boast luscious tangy centers. Ideal for Valentine’s Day parties and the special friends you love.

Cherry Turnovers

On Valentine’s Day, enjoy warm, delicious cherry hand pies. There’s so much to love about these special homemade treats.


These Valentine’s Day cupcakes are fluffy and tender with a luscious cream cheese frosting. Top with mini red candy hearts.


Make pastry chef Dominique Ansel’s special recipe for French Madeleines. Surprise your Valentine with these bakery-style treats.

Pastry Cream Tartlets

These pastry cream tartlets are decadent Boston cream pie desserts. They feature rich chocolate ganache, luscious custard, and a flaky crust. A delicious way to say I love you.

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

These fluffy, tender, mint chocolate cupcakes boast tasty swirls of mint buttercream frosting. Share these Valentine’s Day desserts with those you love.

Fruit and Cream Cheese Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry

Start the day with these easy breakfast pastries. These luscious danishes are ideal for a relaxed Valentine’s Day morning with your sweetheart. Enjoy with coffee or tea.


Set a romantic mood with chocolate chip cheesecake bars. Rich and decadent, they feature an Oreo cookie crust.

strawberry donuts

These delicious baked strawberry donuts are made with real fruit. They’re frosted with a pink-and-white strawberry donut glaze.

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Lemon filled cupcakes are bright and sweet. They feature a secret lemon filling in the center and swirls of tasty lemon frosting. Perfect for Valentine’s Day parties.

Batch of homemade cake truffles on a white wooden board with fresh strawberries and milk.

cake truffles

Luxurious cake truffles are traditional Valentine’s Day desserts. They boast a crisp chocolate coating with a soft, chewy center.


These chocolate pop tarts boast a chocolate pastry crust filled with hot fudge. They’re glazed with chocolate and garnished with sprinkles. A lovely start to a romantic day.

Raspberry macarons

These French raspberry macarons are popular symbols of love and romance. Serve them on a tray with fresh red berries.

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

These tender, fluffy vanilla cupcakes are super special. They boast a fun surprise – mini chocolate chips in the middle.


Assemble these decadent chocolate trifles in 15 minutes. They’re ideal Valentine’s Day desserts for the ones you love.

Strawberry jello pie

Jello Cool Whip Pie is an easy no-bake dessert. On Valentine’s Day, serve with fresh ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate.


Fluffy tiramisu cupcakes feature lush swirls of mascarpone frosting and a sprinkling of cocoa. The perfect dessert to celebrate love.

Mint chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mint chocolate chip cookies are delicious and chewy with a beautiful crumb. A favorite dessert for Valentine’s Day.


These homemade pop tarts deliver a burst of sunshine in every bite. On Valentine’s Day, slip them into waxed paper sleeves and tuck them into lunch pails and backpacks.

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