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Select the thank you note category below that best matches the situation you are grateful for.

    • Thank you notes: ADVICE
    • Thank you notes: BABY SHOWER
    • Thank you notes: BEREAVEMENT
    • Thank you notes: BIRTHDAY
    • Thank you notes: BUSINESS
    • Thank you notes: CHRISTIAN
    • Thank you notes: CHRISTMAS
    • Thank you notes: DONATION
    • Thank you notes: FUNERAL
    • Thank you notes: GRADUATION
    • Thank you notes: HOSPITALITY
    • Thank you notes: INTERVIEW
    • Thank you notes: RELIGIOUS
    • Thank you notes: SCHOLARSHIP
    • Thank you notes: WEDDING

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    There are several thank you wording examples within each of the above categories. Each individual thank you note sample was professionally written and designed to inspire the creative process. You can better personalize your thank you note by adding in a few extra details. Or feel free to combine a few of your favorite thank you not wording samples to create a completely new and unique entry. Remember: Thank you notes need not be lengthy. You can make your thank you note short and sweet while conveying your sincere, heartfelt gratitude.

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    Usually a thoughtful handwritten thank you note on beautiful stationery is a much better choice than one sent by email, there are some exceptions. In situations such as job interview thank you letters, it’s best to send out your thank you note by email so that it arrives as quickly as possible in order to have a chance to affect a hiring decision.New wording samples and categories are being added regularly to keep things fresh! Pin the top image to Pinterest so you’ll have this great resource to return to again and again.

    Learn professional tips for how to write a thank you note.

    Discover what not to write in a thank you note.

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  1. Need help writing A thank you note to a neighbor whom handed me a check for 200.00 and I am so touched. See I got my car stolen with everything in it. Clothes wallet rent IDS sentimental items about 3 weeks ago. She heard about what happen and next time I see her she hands me this envelope with it saying DO NOT RETURN….😢 out of the kindness of her heart she did this for me. We haven’t even known one another for a year.! God bless her soul. I am a American native whom is an artist with drawin and painting and making her a drawing and painted.


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