Best Top Shelf Margarita Recipe

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It’s time to celebrate! You’ve just landed on the best top shelf Margarita recipe you’ll find. As a travel blogger for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I spend about three months a year in the heart of Margarita heaven. From years of experimenting with different Margarita recipes and ingredient combinations, my hubby honed his secret Margarita Recipe that is ridiculously good. His fabulous signature Margaritas literally knock the socks off everyone who’s had the pleasure of tasting them. Bartenders of gourmet Mexican restaurants have asked for his Margarita recipe. A sports bar owner tasted his Margaritas and said they topped anything his own bartenders have ever made. If you can keep a secret, in honor of National Margarita Day, I will share his Margarita Recipe with you right here. Get ready to learn how to make the best darn Margaritas you’ve ever tasted!



Margarita Tools + Garnishes

These are the recommended kitchen tools for making delicious Margaritas!

  • Vitamix blender
  • Jigger for measuring ounces
  • Drink container or pitcher
  • Festive Margarita glasses
  • Colorful straws
  • Lime wedges
  • Margarita salt

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How to Make Top Shelf Margaritas > Best Margarita Ingredients

Every top shelf Margarita starts off with premium ingredients.

  • Can of frozen Minute Maid Premium Limeade (this brand achieves the best taste)
  • Bottled water
  • Sauza Conmemorativo Anejo Tequila
  • Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix
  • Dekuyper triple sec
  • Orange juice
  • Presidente Brandy
  • Grand Marnier
  • Ice

Margarita Recipe | How to Make Margaritas | Directions for Mixture

This is how to make the mixture for top shelf Margaritas: Pull out your Vitamix blender. Empty the can of frozen Minute Maid Limeade into the blender. Use the empty limeade can as your “measuring cup” for the remaining ingredients. Add one cup of bottled water. Add one cup tequila. Add one cup Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix. Add 1/3 cup triple sec. Add 1 ounce orange juice. Add one ounce Presidente Brandy. Blend ingredients on low speed. Pour the top shelf Margaritas into a drink container or pitcher. Repeat the directions for another batch of yummy top shelf Margaritas! See instructions below for how to make Margaritas on the rocks and blended Margaritas.

Margarita Recipe | How to Make Margaritas | Margaritas on the Rocks

Prep the Margarita glasses by salting the rims. First dip the rims into the Margarita mixture, then into the Margarita salt. Fill each glass with 2/3 ice. Straight from the blender, pour the top shelf Margaritas over the ice. Drizzle Grand Marnier on top. Garnish your top shelf Margaritas with a slice of lime and a colorful straw.

Margarita Recipe | How to Make Margaritas | Blended Margaritas

Fill the blender with ice about two inches from the top. Pour top shelf Margarita mix into the blender until the liquid is just slightly above the ice. Start blending at low speed until the ice is crushed. Gradually increase the speed and blend until the desired texture is achieved. You now have a batch of kick @ss frozen Margaritas! Pour the mixture into salt-rimmed glasses. Top with Grand Marnier. Garnish your  top shelf Margaritas with a slice of lime and a straw.

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  1. How did I not know that there is a National Margarita Day!!?! This sounds like an amazing excuse to try out new margarita recipes – I love that it’s a “top shelf” recipe as well, sometimes you gotta treat yourself!


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