Birthday Party Favors: Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags

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Birthday Party Favors: Super Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags

Birthday Party Favors: Super Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags! | Fresh ideas that generate excitement. |

When planning your child’s birthday party, why settle for old, standard birthday party favors that are completely lackluster? Here are some super creative ideas for goodie bags that will generate the excitement and smiles your looking for! These beautiful birthday party favors are handily grouped together by birthday party theme. Each darling photo is clickable and leads directly to product details and pricing.

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Birthday Party Favors: Pizza Party Theme

Kids will absolutely love these adorable birthday party favors! For this theme goodie bags include a pizza cookbook/coloring book, rolling pin, pastry brush for pizza sauce, mini grater, bendable pizza guy, a chef’s hat, and a make-a-pizza sticker scene are great choices for pizza party favors. To further enhance your pizza birthday theme, place the party favors inside a white chef’s hat or a cute pizza party favor box.

Birthday Party Favors: Magic Show Theme

Magic show party favors are really fun! Create perfect party favors by placing a mini rabbit-and-hat finger puppet, magic cards, a magic wand, magician’s mustache, a coin trick and a fortune telling fish inside a magician’s top hat. These delightful goodie bags are pure magic!

Birthday Party Favors: Cooking Party Theme

After the birthday party is over and the confetti has been swept off the floor, what makes a birthday party memorable? Beautiful birthday party favors that are actually useful and can be used time and time again. For a cooking theme, choose these fabulous birthday party favors: Aprons, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, rolling pins, wire whips, and cute doggie oven mitts. And creating these beautiful goodie bags has never been easier. For goodie bags use a white chef’s hat to hold the party favors. Your child will be delighted that these memorable birthday party favors will be talked about for years to come!

Birthday Party Favors: Backyard Tent Camping

A favorite birthday party theme for boys and girls of all ages is backyard tent camping! Must-have party favors are flashlights, whistles with a compass, camping mugs, bandanas, binoculars and roasting sticks. The adorable firefly flashlights above will add a sprinkle of delight to the children’s goodie bags and to the evening fun! Tie all of the party favors together with ribbon, rope or twine, or place the party favors inside a canvas drawstring backpack or camping favor box. Another idea is to tie a bandana to the end of a long stick and fill it with the party favors. The roasting sticks can be used during the backyard camping party, but after the event is over each child can take home their very own roasting stick! There many great options for special goodie bags for this birthday party theme.

Birthday Party Favors: Secret Agent Theme

Invisible ink books are nostalgic childhood fun! And the spy-themed Yes and Know books are perfect for a Secret Agent birthday party theme. Secret Agent spy glasses with mirrored lenses along the sides allow users to see behind them. Mustache disguises, magnifying glasses, Invisible ink pens with a hidden scroll inside, and light-and-sound buzzers round out this secret agent birthday party theme. Place these party favors inside a Top Secret box, or better yet – use black fedora spy hats as spectacular goodie bags.

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Birthday Party Favors: Art Party Theme

Art parties are so much fun! Unique party favors can include painting supplies, modeling clay, sidewalk chalk, swirled lollipops, and nostalgic rainbow crayons. Place your art-themed birthday party favors inside an artist beret. The artist aprons can be used during the party, and then added to the goodie bags bag at the end of the event.

Birthday Party Favors: Pirate Theme

Make a deep-water splash with these awesome pirate party favors! I’ve shopped the oceans for you to come up with this great collection of pirate treasures for your goodie bags. All items can be used during the birthday party and then packed up to take home in super cool pirate totes. Matie, these aren’t your standard pirate goodie bags. So if you’re looking for something extra special you’ve discovered treasure chest of great ideas. With this booty, the kids will love this birthday party theme.

Birthday Party Favors: Ice Cream Shop Theme

Ice cream shop parties are all the rave! These darling ice cream shop party favors will delight children of all ages. Suggested party favors: Re-usable ice cream bowl and spoon, ice cream scoop, inflatable ice cream cone, ice cream theme bubble necklace, ice cream theme lip gloss, ice cream cone tattoos, and ice cream cone eraser. For teens, replace the small ice cream bowl and spoon with a lovely long ice cream spoon and a colorful tall ice cream cup. Place the party favors inside beautiful, pink goodie bags. Have fun with this festive birthday party theme.

Birthday Party Favors: Carnival Theme

Hands down, this is one of my favorite birthday party themes! Stuff cute carnival birthday party favor boxes with a rubber duck, carnival tattoos, clown nose, a bendable figure, and a delightful LED toy (light-up ring or light-up yo yo). If you’d like to load up the carnival favor boxes with a bit more, add in a few pieces of wrapped candy and some water balloons. These unique goodie bags are the essence of good old-fashioned carnival fun!

Birthday Party Favors: Vintage Game Night

These classic party favors will be a huge hit for you vintage game night birthday party! For this original theme party favors include a number slide, marbles, classic jacks and rubber ball game, vintage pinball game, classic card games, original Wooly Willy magnetic write-boards, and Silly Putty in its original oval red packaging. Complete this vintage game night theme by packaging all the party favors in a cute draw-string favor bag. These special goodie bags are perfect for children of all ages!

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Everyone enjoys fabulous birthday party favors! Which set of party favors do you like most? If there’s a birthday party theme you’d like to see added to this page, just let me know by leaving a comment below. Save this helpful resource on party favors by pinning the cupcake image (at the top of this page) to Pinterest.

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  1. These are all awesome ideas for a great entertaining evening. The magic show theme and artparty themes are my favourites though. Thanks so much for these superb party ideas!

  2. Super cute ideas! Our little one isn’t quite at the age for these kinds of parties yet, but seeing your creativity got me excited about years to come!

  3. Party favors can be so hard… they are usually lots of little “junk” toys, but then again they help get my kids out the door when the party is over. I love how creative these ideas are, and I think they would last longer than the ride home, which is a win!

  4. Every year we have a carnival weekend, so I will definitely be using the Carnival one! I am thinking that maybe an impromtu ice cream party one snowy day this winter might be fun too!

  5. My daughter just had and Ice Cream party this summer –we found the Cone Bubbles and they were a hit! So many great ideas here got to pin this page for future reference!

  6. Wow, you put a lot of thought and creativity into collecting all of these ideas! Kids who got these kinds of party favors would definitely feel lucky!