Mother’s Day Gift Ideas| Beautiful Things Moms Love

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Beautiful Things Moms Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for beautiful things moms love you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a fabulous collection of Mother’s Day gift ideas. There’s something here for every mom.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Mother's Day Gifts

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If you have a hard time finding fresh exciting ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, you’re not alone! Today I’m providing sprinkles of inspiration for Mother’s Day gift ideas. No two mothers are alike. Each mom is special and unique. Scroll through the Mother’s Day gift collection below and find a section that best fits your mom’s personality and interests. If you have additional ideas for beautiful things moms love, please share them with me in the comment section at the end of this post. I’ll use your input when I update this entire collection next year to keep on top of trends and great new gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

Rather than a standard Mother’s Day greeting card, switch things up this year by giving your mother a lovely pop-up card. Once her card has been opened she can display it on a table at home or in her office at work. This beautiful type of greeting card will be enjoyed long after Mother’s Day has come and passed. If you’re wondering what to say inside your card, here’s where to find happy, thoughtful Mother’s Day card wording.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Beautiful Earrings

Stylish mothers will love a beautiful pair of earrings. Just think a bit about your mother’s own personal style and wardrobe and select a pair of earrings that would best fit in with what she already has in her closet. If mom is open to freshening up her style, think about when she last complimented you, your sister or another woman’s fashion accessories. This will provide a great clue for coming up with wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Lovely Vacation Accessories

Every mother who enjoys traveling will really appreciate having wonderful new vacation accessories. Think about your mother’s travel style and how often she plans special getaways. Does she most often head for a bed-and-breakfast boutique hotel on the coast? Is she an international jet setter? Or is traveling by motor home more her style? The answers to these questions will provide awesome clues as to the best travel accessories you can gift her this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Healthy Eating Incentives

Help mom keep her goals of eating fresh, healthy meals at home. Sometimes what keeps moms from eating right is the simple lack of recipe inspiration. Provide her with a wonderful cookbook filled with colorful photos and recipes for making delicious salads with seasonal produce. And what mom wouldn’t love a fresh new salad bowl and tongs to replace her current set that’s probably had years of abuse. Make this Mother’s Day gift even more special by including a hand-written recipe for one of your own favorite summer salads!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Useful Gardening Supplies

If your mother enjoys gardening or wishes she had a chance to begin a garden at home, a few useful gardening supplies makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Other gardening items that will work well are a knee pad, a small garden cart with wheels, a large sunhat, and a pair of gardening gloves. What would make this an even better Mother’s Day gift is an offer from you to spend an afternoon with your mom helping her to plant her favorite flowers or assisting her with starting a lovely summer garden.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Day at the Beach

If your mom loves spending a day at the beach, items from this special collection will make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Other beach ideas include a luxury beach towel made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton, a pair of sweet summer sandals or flip flops, and a pair of designer sunglasses. Which of these gifts would you love receiving for Mother’s Day? Chances are your mother will like many of the very same things!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Spa Day at Home

This Mother’s Day pamper mom with beautiful items for a spa day at home. If your mother enjoys taking long, warm baths she’ll love having a fresh new bath pillow, bath bombs and a loofah. Other spa gift ideas for Mother’s Day include a mani/pedi set, a cozy bath robe, and a soft pair of slippers. If you’re willing to splurge a little on your Mother’s Day gift, include a $60 gift certificate for a relaxing massage at a luxury day spa.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Fabulous Fitness Essentials

Fitness is or should be a priority for all of us. Help mom stay on track to meet or exceed her fitness goals by gifting her lovely new fitness essentials. Consider a new gym bag with a feminine flare, and a few other basics. Additional Mother’s Day gift ideas for fitness inspiration include a gym membership, workout gloves, an activity tracker (like Fitbit ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Fitbit), fashionable workout clothes or a new pair of athletic shoes.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Luxury Picnic at the Ranch

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Awesome Books = Great Reads

These beautiful books are wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas. Select one or more books that you think will pique her interest. All moms are busy, busy, and giving your mother an excuse to cozy up in a comfy chair and enjoy a little relaxation is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift! If your mom isn’t the type to pick up a novel and read, then a few great audiobooks are excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas. She can listen to books while commuting to work, at the gym, or while doing another activity at home.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Lovely Beauty Products

Pamper mom this Mother’s Day by adding a few new beauty essentials to her current makeup collection. If possible, take a sneak peek at her makeup drawer or cosmetics bag. Then purchase a lovely new cosmetics bag for her and fill it will gorgeous makeup items that you think she’ll love. Don’t worry about sticking to the same makeup brands and beauty items she’s already using. Help mom change things up by introducing her to beautiful new makeup products and beauty tools! The beauty products shown above are great inspiration for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Popular Fragrances

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Mom’s Kitchen Wish List

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  1. Love your thoughtful gift ideas for mothers day, but my absolute favorites are a spa day at home and fitness essentials (so useful for moms that spend all the time and energy taking care of kids while neglecting their own needs). I would do a scrapbook or print a few of photos with my mom and the family and gift it to her (since we are in different countries, makes for a perfect gift for her to cherish memories from her visits).
    xx, Kusum |

    1. Kusum, a scrapbook is such a precious idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Thank you so much for sharing this Mother’s Day gift inspiration!

  2. These are such great ideas. I need to point my husband over here to have a look. I love those silver tear drop earrings. I also love all the fitness gifts.

  3. I want the picnic basket and the coach clutch please. Can you tell my husband to get it for me? My kids are too small!

    1. Hi Andrea! I love finding beautiful earrings that are versatile and unique. I hope your hubby surprises you this Mother’s Day with a very special pair. :-)

  4. I literally feel the need to send this post to my husband and children! I saw so many things I would love to have in your ideas.

  5. Those are great gifts for any mom out there! I loved that you included different categories based on interests :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. I will be honest, haven’t even begun to think of Mother’s Day, but it will soon be here. My anniversary is around that time to. Think I will have to check out the healthy eating and fitness ideas as well as the books. I think all of the books are on my to read list except To Kill a Mockingbird which I read. Thanks for the great list. Will be tweeting.

    1. Hello Karen. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. And I really appreciate the tweet! That’s so kind and thoughtful. May your Mother’s Day this year and always be filled with joy and happiness.

  7. Great roundup of mother’s day gift ideas! I know I personally would love just about any of these and I think my mom would too! :)