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Printable | Movie Night Invites

These printable Movie Night Invites are perfect for your Movie Night event. The PDF file for the printable tickets contains 6 different colors, including a very light-colored version so you can save on printer ink. Use the printable tickets for table decor on your concessions table. Or you can use the tickets as a Movie Night invite by writing party information on the back side. To bookmark this page for later, pin the above image to Pinterest. Then leave a comment below to share what plans are in the works to make your upcoming Movie Night a smashing success!

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Free Printables | Movie Night Printable

Printable Movie Night Invite | Color Background | Download Here

Free Printables | Movie Night Invite Printable

Printable Movie Night Invite | White Background | Download Here

FREE Printables | Movie Night Ticket | Printable Movie Ticket

Printable Movie Tickets | 6 Different Background Colors | Download Here

FREE Printables | Printable Movie Night Invite

Printable Movie Night Invite | 8-1/2 X 11 Page Size | Download Here

Gold Line: Sprinkles of Inspiration |

Encore! Movie Night Decorations

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    1. Hello Evelyn! What a great event! I recommend mixing a movie night theme with a prom theme. It would be fun to set up a lovely dinner tablescape in the backyard with a prom theme. You can have a special area for making smores for dessert. A movie can be shown outside on a big screen with throw blankets and pillows on the grass, or show the movie indoors. Here are a few affiliate links to some festive decor ideas on Amazon: Hollywood Movie Theme Backdrop and Props: Red Carpet Movie Night Essentials: Film Strip Decorating Material: Prom Party Decor: Hanging Prom Decorations